In 2016, The Netherlands and Flanders where guests of honor at the Buchmesse in Frankfurt. To celebrate the occasion, a group of dutch and flemish illustrators came along to draw a magazine, everyday. I was also present, and part of the team that would assemble, cut, staple and print the magazines. The magazine was called 'Parade'. 

For pictures, ànd all the magazines, check;
our workspace in the Dutch-Flemish pavillion, Ruben Steeman, Nix and Charlotte at work. In the background Arnon Grunberg is being interviewed.
The small booklet and the 4 parade magazines all together; Covers by Nix, Joost Swarte, Gerda Dendooven, Anne Stalinski (me!) and Ingrid Godon
The first day, the team made posters. Each one showing one letter of the word 'Parade'. I got to draw the A
A spread I illustrated for Parade #7 And the comic diary I kept about the trip. 

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